Soham Twinning Association


Who are we?

   Soham Twining Association is a self-funding community group reliant solely on members' annual subscriptions, organised money raising events, raffles or kind donations. It was set up to encourage and maintain good relations between the two towns by involving both local youth and adults to participate in friendly exchanges.

How it all started

   Soham was approached in 2005 by Andrézieux-Bouthéon to be their twin. Soham Town Council officially set the group up and in April/May 2006 when the Charter was signed the association became self-funding and the council stopped regular financial support.The reason for the two months is that there were two signings - first in France in April, then again in England in May. Since signing the Charter in both towns, the Association has fulfilled its pledge by encouraging and actively involving itself with school exchanges, sports and arts exchanges for the benefit of the community. One of the themes we have in common is the Pumpkin Fair.


   Andrézieux-Bouthéon is a small town in central France, near the larger town of St. Etienne, which is in turn near the major city of Lyon. Andrézieux-Bouthéon sits in pleasant countryside on the banks of the river Loire, around the imposing Chateau Bouthéon.

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