What is twinning?


1. the bearing of two children at one birth.
2. the coupling of two persons or things; union.
3. Crystallography. the union of crystals to form a twin.

Origin: 1565–75; twin + -ing

This is a dictionary definition, but town twinning is much more than this suggests. The Soham Twinning Association considers that twinning is not only the announcement that we are twinned with another town in Europe, and that is that, but that we should continue the process once that announcement has been made. To this end, the Soham Twinning Association seeks to explore the culture of its twin town, to become involved in its events and to invite it to come to the United Kingdom and do the same in Soham. In doing this, we hope that there will be a greater friendship across Europe resulting from the friendships struck up between the inhabitants and children of our two towns.

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